Terracotta tones


Earthy tones, terracotta in particular brings a relaxing and calming feel to any space. Revived from the bright oranges of the 60’s and 70’s, terracotta signifies an optimistic future while bringing with it some of the qualities of orange such as enthusiasm and spontaneity but with a more comforting feeling due to the mix of browns. Combine terracotta with saturated shades with soft grounded hues to create beautiful tones that fill us with joy. If you want to add more terracotta to your garden then paint walls or raised beds to make a bold statement as well as a decorative feature.

Holiday inspired gardens


The garden started to become an alternative for going on holiday during the pandemic and that trend is going to continue in 2023, as people look to recreate their favourite holiday destinations at home. The white walls in popular greek holiday destinations are being used to make plants stand out while providing a clean aesthetic for garden accessories. Introducing a Pergola into your space will not only create a shaded spot to enjoy the warm weather but will also act as a climbing aid for plants, which once established adds to the Mediterranean aesthetic.


Decorative screens


The past couple of years has seen the emergence of decorative screens but this year will see the emergence of new patterns and materials. Screens are a great way to add privacy into your garden, especially in a crowded city. They are also a great way to divide a space into different or smaller zones. Portico doors with mirrors can give the illusion of creating more space as the eye is focussed on the doors making the mind think about what is beyond. The current fashion is for laser cut metal screens but this year watch out for composite screens to complement composite decking and fencing. 

Patterned Porcelain Tiles


Patterned porcelain tiles are going to continue to grow in popularity this year with even more designs to personalise your gardens. One of the biggest growth areas in hard landscaping is the use of porcelain as paving due to its diversity of colours mixed with its durability and anti slip texture. Whether you go big or small patterned tiles are a great way to create outdoor dining areas, to brighten dull looking walls or brighten up smaller courtyard gardens and bring the indoors out.

Designer Garden Furniture


Outdoor living is another key trend that will continue to dominate in 2023. We’re now seeing high end design combined with state of the art materials to produce furniture and upholstery with stunning designs. Textiles such as rugs and throws will help create an aspirational, social media worthy outdoor space. Also as mentioned earlier in this article neutral colour palates will be popular too as these shades are natural and calming while showing off the beautiful green environment surrounding it.

Gravel & Wood Chip Paths


Solid paths are giving way to other, more sustainable materials such as gravel, wood chipping, and other natural materials. These materials are the key to good drainage which is becoming increasingly necessary, particularly in our cities as flooding is becoming more prevalent. These natural materials also allow for more planting creating walkways through nature.

Living Walls


The trend for living walls began to emerge in earnest last year, but with the introduction of new ways to create living walls, this year will really see them bloom. New systems which are sold as kits can be adjusted to suit your space and budget. These kits are becoming ever easy to construct and you can get them up and running in very little time and can provide excellent screening which is perfect for apartments and courtyard gardens.